XPath Tutorial - Master XPath from Basic to Advanced Level

The complete XPath course for Selenium Automation by SelectorsHub Creator

What you will learn

  • XPath for Selenium 
  • XPath from basic to advance 
  • Writing XPath with axes, relative to other elements, different XPath functions and best practices. 
  • SVG, iframe, ShadowDOM, invisible DOM and all the complex scenario with real time example. 
  • Locate ANY element on the page with XPath


  • Basic HTML understanding


~ Learn to write XPath from scratch and be an expert in XPath Writing~
In this XPath Tutorial series, we will learn all about XPath from basic to advance level with real time scenarios and it's importance in automation like with selenium etc. We will learn about the different XPath functions in very simple way which will be very easy to understand and will make you perfect in XPath writing. We will learn about how to write relative XPath with axes, without axes, SVG elements, shadow DOM, iframe and dynamic dropdown etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Test Automation engineer who want to create better and easier to maintain locators 
  • All selenium users. 
  • Test Automation engineer who want to learn XPath concepts from scratch with real time scenarios.

Course Curriculum

Sanjay Kumar

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