Practical Software Testing Training-Instructor Led (Oct-Nov 2022 Batch)

Friday, 30 September 2022
09:00 PM AEST

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Software Testing Basics 
 - Testing fundamentals
 - What is testing and why is it important
 - Testing principles
 - Testing Process  

Testing throughout the SDLC
 - Detailed explanation of Different SDLC models
 - How is testing done within these SDLCs
 - Testing Levels
 - Different types of testing  

How to use testing techniques in real scenarios
 - Different categories of testing techniques
 - Practical implementation of Black box test design techniques
 - Experience based testing techniques  

Test Management
 - How to approach testing for any projects
 - Understand Test planning in detail
 - Test estimation techniques
 - Understanding importance of configuration management and different tools available
 - Risk based testing
 - Understand RTM in detail and how to create it
 - Defect cycle and defect management  

Basics of Agile/SCRUM for testers (Must learn for Testers)
 - What is agile What is SCRUM (SCRUM Theory)
 - Difference between agile and SCRUM
 - Why SCRUM over Waterfall model
 - Understanding SCRUM values
 - SCRUM Team (How testers fit in SCRUM team)
 - Understanding SCRUM events (Sprint, Sprint planning, Daily SCRUM, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective)
 - What are SCRUM artifacts (Product backlog, sprint backlog, Increment)  

JIRA and Confluence Basics 
 - Getting familiar with Jira Tool and its usage in Agile projects and testing (Hands-on practice)
 - Understanding Jira components and key features (Hands-on practice)
 - Understanding Zephyr test management in Jira (Hands-on practice)
 - Learning Confluence tool and its usage in testing (Hands-on practice)  

Hands on testing for sample project using Agile Methodology (SCRUM) 
 - Understand how testing projects start in organization
 - How are requirements (user stories) captured for agile projects
 - How testing team is engaged in SCRUM
 - Understanding project backlog and sprint backlog
 - What do testers do in Sprint planning
 - How does sprints start in agile project?
 - What are key ceremonies/meetings for testers in sprints
 - How testers can collaborate in agile project
 - How does the testers day look like within Sprints?
 - How to plan testing in sprints (Hands-on exercises in JIRA/Confluence)
 - Understanding user stories and writing test scenarios (Hands-on exercises in JIRA/Confluence)
 - Documenting test cases in Zephyr/Jira (Hands-on exercises in JIRA/Confluence)
 - How testers execute test cases in Sprints (Hands-on exercises in JIRA/Confluence)
 - What happens when tester find defects (Hands-on exercises in JIRA/Confluence)
 - How defect lifecycle works in agile projects (Hands-on exercises in JIRA/Confluence)
 - What happens once the defect is fixed (Hands-on exercises in JIRA/Confluence)
 - When and how is sprint closed
 - What happens after sprint closure?
 - Test Reporting in Agile testing  

SQL For Testers 
 - SQL and database introduction
 - Creating database
 - Creating tables
 - Inserting/Updating/Deleting data
 - Keywords/Identifiers/Constants/Clauses
 - DDL and DML
 - Conditions and Operators
 - SQL Data Types
 - How to group and sort data in SQL tables  
 - SQL Joins
 - SQL Functions
 - SQL Constraints

Resume Review for all candidates and Job guidance

Mock Interview for few participants in last few classes to boost confidence of all candidates

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